Immersions in Hybrid Cinematic Spaces

The viewing of powerful cinematics offers wild subjective rewards. Was your life ever changed by a movie full immersion? They never entirely disappear, like splinter-layers of new coral.

When a film surrounds you, a series of emotional squeezes emerge. Why?

A) Films compress time, catalyze and accelerate the viewer’s process of lucid experience. so many reactions and choice over-run our predictable logical defenses.

B) We realize that something is happening and we have to crunch through it, moral positioning and all. Experience can be mediated or un-mediated, prepared or unprepared, outward-in and blind-sided. By surprising us with original content, films forces our human machinery to find ways in the moment to respond.

C) With all senses in and no way out, the big-screen immersion remixes our synapses. We react to color while we hunt for meaning and dodge narrative bullets. When we don’t know what’s about to happen, we feel vulnerable, exposed. Maybe that’s why audiences watch trails and read plots before-hand. Mystery films were popular for a moment.

We can emerge from the darkness transform by new increments in awareness. Specific abstract or narrative content served as a vehicle in adding previously unknown experience to the palette of our consciousness. Yes, there are many feelings we don’t know yet, like for a painter who uses Yellow there are 51 shades of yellow. Each cinematic experience evolves into a particle of active memory, a light pinch of sand onto the sand-castle of our personal architecture.