Make a doc.mob film (and try the Cent-Up beta)

doc.mob manifesto

DocMob is a film practice for the making of miniature documentaries  with available digital equipment.  The idea is to witness local stories and events, and make short-short films. These can be one-person portraits, events, or anything at all. The goal is to document what would otherwise go unseen, with energy in focus, and little planning. DocMobbers can follow a set of simple practical principles, in the Doc.Mob Manifesto.

doc.mob! logo

See what you can do.  (watch doc.mobs)

Centup is a crowdsourced project that allows the online support of projects.  The evolutionary plus is that miniature Centup donations let us distribute – simultaneously with each project “like”- small money to NGOs of choice.

Micro-documentary and Cent-Up share size and speed: small, quick and effective.

Make a Doc.mob make Cents by registering your doc.mob project and trying the Cent-up beta.



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