NOW make it a hybrid movie.

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Hybrid has become an almost cliche’ word, nothing is pure, all is remixed. Hybri d in principle refers to work that cuts across genre definitions, styles, cultures or traditions. Hybrids have been a core part avant-garde cultures, in the west the idea of hybrid work makes me think of the impulses to re:think and re:do that Dada and later video-art gave to the image-making landscape.

Transmedia projets are big now, as producers weave game and narrative ideas to explore new forms of interactive storytelling that will tickle crowd-sources and give heroes longer life.

Have you seen any hybrid films you like? Are you making any story that is hybrid? In the Cinemahead forum there is room to talk about, like, “where is story told best?”

When talking about Energy, hybrids are machines that use more than one form of propulsion or fuel, like electric cars that can be switched to gasoline if needed. I personally prefer Tesla, powerful imagineering.