The OpenWritersRoom at BBC – until 3.28.2013

You know how, well, access for writers is still kind of a problem? You write the script and it takes 2 years and nobody loves you anymore and all the lost sleep and still you can’t get good readers you can trust, industry folks who care about your work?

In the US you have to find an agent who guarantees that :

a) your script is not stolen, “plagiarised” or “inspired” by someone else’s.
b) can get into a decent pitch meeting (executives are always in a hurry).

In the UK the BBC has re:opened the writersroom doors again!

Here is what you do:

1. Find your masterpiece from last year. (It’s holding up the blue chair)
2. GO in to BBC and plop your script on the pile, digitally speaking.
3. Relax. You got nothing to lose.

What? you don’t believe it?

Real experts will read it, merit will shine, and the bells may toll for you.

go to the site or get more info at the awesome

if you need to do a rewrite, or your movie was about phone booths and polaroids, stop in our twitter @cinemahead.

Dust dust off those rusty scenes just one more time. Let them shine!

Free Scene Feedbacks from the cinemahead forum You got it, free script consulting until, well, April st1 2013.


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