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AMATEUR goes Big.

Watch this upcoming film post by the makers of the nofilmschool community. They ran a kickstarter project and are looking to go Big (as in “feature”) with this story. Here are some notes from their website

The biggest help — do you know anyone in the sports world?

The best way to reach someone is through a connection. So — do you know someone in the sports world? Do you know someone who knows someone? As I posted about it on Kickstarter, reaching out to anyone in the basketball world could be a HUGE help.

Hope you’re well.

A friend of mine, Ryan Koo, released a short film about under-the-table high school basketball recruiting and I think you’ll like it. Give it a minute and I think you’ll watch the whole thing (it’s only 9 minutes):

The filmmaking team is looking for support from the sports world in order to show there’s an audience for the feature, MANCHILD, which is about a 13 year-old phenom and the pressures he faces. This short is a prequel to the feature. Phil Jackson backed their Kickstarter campaign!

Ryan is trying to make the writing process easy, so there’s background info, hi-res photos etc. here for anyone to cover it online:

Thanks for taking the time to check it out.