THANK YOU! Scriptonite Seminar in SF.

THANK YOU to everyone who ttok part in  the sold-out U.S. debut of  my new story-development seminar and workshop: “Scriptonite: Transform your Storytelling”.

I could not have imagined a better location than the awesome Meisner Technique Institute in the Presidio, San Francisco. I thank the gracious organizers Jimmy Jarrett and Melissa Thompson Esaia.  I have spent 15 years in Scandinavia, leading workshops around the world. This California series is a long-awaited homecoming event.

“How to make scripts faster and better, how to tell more original, physical stories for the screen?”  These were my starting questions.

No speaker, mentor or teacher could wish for a room so packed, for group more warm,  intense and diverse.  Artists as young as 70 and as curious as 17, eyes full of desire for the art of cinematic storytelling.  My vision at Cinemahead has always been to share  the simplest ways to make good stories well told. Now, with Scriptonite, I add a layer, a storytelling practice.  Add it to established scriptwriting theories you already use.

With traditional screenplay theory,  actual development can still be very  long and difficult. There are  rules to follow, plus formatting and dramatic standards to obey. Much of the fresh inspiration a writer brings to the process can get buried under the obligation to write for sale rather than for production.  Scriptonite transforms  the storytelling process into a liberating independent film-making effort.

If one of your scripts is stuck in a loop of feedbacks, or in the quicksand of start-stop motivation, Scriptonite can  help you structure a story for creative affirmation and narrative empowerment. Think about structure to go along with various scriptwriting software you use for dialogue and descriptions.  Visualize your path of cinematic storytelling first!

Thank you for all the emails, tweets and notes of support and or request for script support and consulting. I am beginning to reply with booking schedules.

Looking forward >