What if the real Harry Potter solved our Energy need?

What would happen if a teenage science genius invented a simple and cheap way to alleviate (or solve) earth’s energy needs? Could it affect climate changes?

What story do you see? An action film about the powerful who own and protect the sources of power and profit? Celebration of ingenuity and youth genius with optimism?
Or an ego-driven idea/dream/fraud that could never see deployment, let alone commercial standing?

PREMISE: what if a young scientist discovers a useful and safe nuclear power-source but is antagonised, challenged, and threatened by those in power to the point that, in order to survive, he must give up his altruistic ideas.

Come to the Cinemahead forum and contribute to this story in the making.

Is there enough conflict for a script here?
Is the kid hero interesting?
Does he have the will it takes?
Are the stakes high enough for crowds to care?
Does what happens with glocal nuclear energy matter?

to the core!


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