Seen “GOD’s HAND” lately?

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 4.51.58 PM

I started talking to Adolf El Assal when he was posting his funny feature film “Les Fameux Gars”. “God’s Hand” is his earlier short, with some of the same actors.

the story:

An Argentinean immigrant living illegally for nearly half his life in Luxembourg must struggle daily for survival. Inspired partly by a quote from the late American auteur Orson Welles, the film depicts a loner who must fight his way out of the illusion that no one else exists around him.

MANO DE DIOS is an award-winning short film written, produced & directed by Luxembourg filmmaker Adolf EL ASSAL. Born in Egypt in 1981, El Assal grew up in Dubai, London and Luxembourg, where he set up his company, Independent Spirit Productions. After over 60 music videos and mini-docs, he began to make “no-budget” guerilla films.

you can see the whole film for .99c on Vimeo, which I have never done myself, but supporting awesome makers like Adolf is rarely a bad idea.


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