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“The Elevator” straps you in the HOT seat again.

Two years ago Riccardo NERI produced the film H.O.T.

H.O.T. is a powerful doc about global Human Organ Traffic. It screened at festivals the world round. It helps raise awareness about the forced extraction of body parts, and the resale and distribution system behind it. Yes I know, you’ve heard about it, but this has narrative and visual detail. Did you see it?

Now Riccardo and his Rome-based company Lupin Film went fictional about the same crazy matter.

ELEVATOR trailer

The link opens the sales-teaser of the new film “Elevator”, a feature directed by Massimo Coglitore and written by Mauro Graiani and Riccardo Irrera.

“Elevator” presses key global buttons about the business of human organ trading.
It will be coming soon to a stairway near you.

ELEVATOR trailer