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Need a film crew?

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FCN – Film Crew Network – is, in its own words “a Network that puts quality before quantity keeping things up close and personal to support each member through their developments. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career our crew will welcome and help you out since we we all started somewhere and sometimes all we needed was some inspiration and support to keep us buzzing and on track. On FCN you will be able to meet some very cool individuals that have worked on gigs we all dream of, make some valuable connections, share and learn from some of the best in the industry.”

JOB post and respond
PROJECTS create & invite crew onto your projects
NETWORK develop your specialist list of contacts
ALBUMS create and develop unlimited
ADVERTISE yourself or your business
SHOWREEL & video upload and share
GROUP & EVENT creation and participation
UNRESTRICTED contact on the Network

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“The Elevator” straps you in the HOT seat again.

Two years ago Riccardo NERI produced the film H.O.T.

H.O.T. is a powerful doc about global Human Organ Traffic. It screened at festivals the world round. It helps raise awareness about the forced extraction of body parts, and the resale and distribution system behind it. Yes I know, you’ve heard about it, but this has narrative and visual detail. Did you see it?

Now Riccardo and his Rome-based company Lupin Film went fictional about the same crazy matter.

ELEVATOR trailer

The link opens the sales-teaser of the new film “Elevator”, a feature directed by Massimo Coglitore and written by Mauro Graiani and Riccardo Irrera.

“Elevator” presses key global buttons about the business of human organ trading.
It will be coming soon to a stairway near you.

ELEVATOR trailer

Producing Shortcuts

Take a look at Cinecore, the new production resource that just looks like it could solve a whole bunch of issues. It’s available for free, and that’s great for exploring the concept and the tools. But – be careful – it quickly asks for monthly subscriptions. For those I suggest you wait until your next budgeted movie in the making.

Creating & viewing locations from cinecore on Vimeo.

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